- 30 Minutes of Show (Wayang Kulit, Gamelan & Culture Dance)

- Demonstration of Basic Music and Puppetering

Ticket Price : RM 35/person


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Besides the 30 minutes of show,  participants will also work with Cikgu Jufry, the Wayang Kulit’s Tok Dalang to learn how to manipulate characters. We choreographed action and special effects and coordinated it all with live musical accompaniment to bring our story to life. Cikgu Jufry will also reveals what goes on behind the screen, explaining the elements of Wayang Kulit, and how the plays are performed.

Participants will learn how to properly hold the characters and imitate their vocal and other mannerisms. Participants are invited to try their hands with movement on screen, ie: entrances and exits, short improvisational scenes with translator characters and if time permits - hand to hand scuffles, shooting arrows or the dance of the tree of life!



Malay gamelan music is very simplistic in the nearly all instruments play the melody. Unlike the intricately locked parts of the Javanese gamelan. Instruments used include: saron, gambang, keromong, kenong, gong and gendang or drums. Malay gamelan music is usually played during royal and formal occasions and that performer are specially trained in royal palaces.



Dance, of any nation state, does not only characterize the culture, but also make an inseparable part of the entertainment. There are many traditional dance forms which are still very much liked and performed in the country.


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- 019-540 9911 - Jufry

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