Paddy Field

Agriculture is one of the sources of income for residents of Balik Pulau. Besides fishermen, villagers also are paddy farmers and cultivate other crops such as vegetables and fruits. Paddy is harvested twice a year and some even get results up to 3 times per year depending on the schedule of water mains. Farmers usually have more than one job. This is because working the rice fields do not require day-to-day because assisted by modern machinery. Therefore, you will find paddy farmers are also home builders, fishermen and other jobs in the public and private sectors. 

Paddy fields are a beautiful landscape adorned Balik Pulau especially during the growing and also being yellowing or golden where it is ready to be harvest. Rice plants take about 100 days to harvest. Paddy fields are available in Kampung Sungai Burung, Titi Teras, and the Kampung Terang.

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