Kampung Jalan Bahru in located at Balik Pulau of Penang Island. Kampung Jalan Bahru homestay programmes designed to give you an insight into the typically idyllic kampung life. Experience Penang Island village life. Homestay is a form of accommodation where the tourist can live with the chosen host family and has the opportunity to interact as well as experience the daily way of life of the family and culture directly.

Jalan Kampung Baru, which is located near the beach, is a Malay village which still maintain the traditions and customs of the Malays and the village still maintaining the greenish environment that we rarely get it at the heart of the busy city. En route to the village, there are a surprising number of things to see and do, much of it agricultural.  From mile after mile of serene paddy fields, broken only by the odd group of swaying coconut palms which pierce the neatly-laid out flat, green squares, to durian and nutmeg farms; from clean, deserted beaches with traditional fishing villages, and from their famous sour and spicy Assam Laksa to plentiful seafood restaurants, it offers all that you would want from a village holiday destination.


As you approach the village – either from George Town or the more scenic route via Teluk Bahang – you will pass small rustic villages with old Malay wooden houses, some on stilts, which date back decades or even longer. It’s a great opportunity to capture life as it was back then. Children still play games like gasing (top spinning) and football on the lawn in front of their house. The villagers there were so friendly and welcoming us to the village. The villagers either it is Malay, Chinese or Indians can together enjoy a meal while chatting with each other. You can see the pure sincerity in friendship between the people here.

There are activities;

1. Village tour,

2.visit to cottage industry factories,

3. goat farm & traditional food industry visits & Demo,

4.playing local traditional games like gasing and congkak.

5. Fishing - seaside and deep sea

6. Horse riding

7. sunset Tour


For more detailed information, please contact;

Tuan Haji Zainol B. Ahmad

Tel: +6016-4618553
Fax: +604-8663155

Address:   Homestay Jalan Baru,
              349 Mk. D, Jalan Bharu
             11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang



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