Kampung Pulau Betong is a small village on the southwest of Penang Island. Its namesake, Pulau Betong, is the islet offshore from the village. The settlement of Kampung Pulau Betong developed at the estuary of Sungai Pulau Betong, the river that flows through the mangrove swamp before emptying into the Straits of Malacca.

The villagers at Kampung Pulau Betong are mostly fishermen. They were badly affected in the 2004 tsunami, when the incoming tidal waves caused severe damage to the village. This included a wooden bridge that was washed away, and many fishing boats were lifted thirty meters inland. Most of the damage have since been repaired. A wave breaker has also been constructed to offer some protection to the village.While the Chinese villagers live near the coast, the Malay villagers live further inland. At the junction with Jalan Bahru, leading towards Kampung Perlis, there is a community mosque for the Muslims at Kampung Pulau Betong. It is called Masjid Iraudah Pulau Betong. 

There are activities;

1. Fishing Village tour,

2. visit to cottage industry factories,

3. goat farm, Fishing Villages  & traditional food industry visits & Demo,

4.playing local traditional games 

5. Fishing - seaside and deep sea

6. Sunset Tour

7. Cycling


For more detailed information, please contact

Hassim bin Md Rashid/Abdul Hamid bin Abd Razak

Address:        Homestay Pulau Betong,
                  49, Mk. 1, Jalan Pulau Betong
                  11020 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang
Tel: +604-8669770/ +6012-4939770/ +604-8661318 /+6019-4738403

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